University Science

Volgograd State University is a very efficient university widely known both abroad and in Russia for its high-quality education, great scientific potential, innovative projects and its active social position. 
The modern innovative infrastructure of Volgograd State University is a complex of unique structural units in which much scientific research is made as well as the training of innovative staff and research testing. There are 19 academic centers, 7 common centers, 6 minor innovative centers, 43 academic laboratories, the “VolSU Testing Center” unique scientific laboratory, student centers – business center, design center, innovative agency. 
Volgograd State University is home to the departments of 6 scientific societies and 14 public scientific academies of Russia. Besides, VolSU houses the Economic Research Department, a number of laboratories and basic chairs of the Southern Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, regional departments of the Liberal Economic Society and the Russian Philosophic Society as well as the departments of the Russian Sociologic Association and the Russian Academic Society of Culture Studies. 

The following scientific schools are currently working at VolSU:

  1. Principles of evolution, methods of transformation and modernization of economic systems. Founded by O.V. Inshakov
  2. Social philosophy. Founded by S.E. Krapivensky
  3. Economic problems of ecologically sustainable development: global, national and regional levels. Founded by M.M. Guzev
  4. Development and functioning of the Russian verb: history and modern state. Founded by S.P. Lopushanskaya
  5. Development of innovative economy financial infrastructure. Founded by L.V. Perekrestova
  6. Contemporary problems of the Civil Law: theoretical and practical issues. Founded by P.M. Filippov
  7. Social, economic and ecological aspects of regulation of the regional resource potential. Founded by I.M. Shabunina
  8. Ultra-high speed photochemical processes. Founded by A.I. Ivanov
  9. Urgent problems of Russia’s economic history in the 20th century. Founded by M.M. Zagorulko
  10. Nonlinear geometric analysis and its applications. Founded by V.M. Miklyukov
  11. The Volga-Ural region archeology of the Bronze Age, Early Iron Age and Middle Ages. Founded by A.S. Skripkin
  12. Linguistic, semantic and didactic aspects of intercultural communication. Founded by T.N. Astafurova

Problems solved by scientific schools of VolSU:

  • scientific research;
  • training of highly qualified scientific personnel;
  • making a creative environment for scientific growth of scholars;
  • creating an innovative product.

Research areas at VolSU:

  1. Astrophysics. Headed by  I.G. Kovalenko
  2. Actual problems of institutional modernization of the Russian economy. Headed by N.N. Lebedev
  3. System modernization of the market infrastructure of the Russian economy. Headed by E.G. Russkova
  4. Interaction of the electromagnetic radiation and the substance. Headed by B.N. Siplivyi, K.M. Firsov, VV Yatsyshen etc.
  5. Homeostasis physiology. Headed by  A.B. Mulik
  6. Research and development of new nanomaterials and nanotechnologies. Headed by I.V. Zaporotskova
  7. Physical and chemical properties of nanostructured materials. Head - NG Lebedev
  8. Conceptual design of integration forms of the evolution of the global economic system. Headed by E.I. Inshakova
  9. Accounting and Statistics. Headed by A.V. Glushchenko.                                                                                      
Works of the scientific schools mentioned above are guided in the frames of a wide international cooperation with the NASA (USA), University of Dijon (France),University of Reading (Great Britain). Different scientific projects are made in collaboration with the leading Russian Universities – Ural State University, Saint-Petersburg State University, etc. as well as with scientists of the Atmospheric Optics Institute, the Atmospheric Physics Institute, and the Optical Monitoring Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
Volgograd State University develops extensive fundamental and applicable scientific research in the sphere of high technologies and the 21st century products creation and implementation. The research work is held in the frames of complex scientific problem approved by the University Scientific Council – “Fundamental and applicable problems of technological, ecological, socioeconomic and humanitarian modernization and development of the nano-industry in modern Russia”. The first in Russia “Nano-industry economy” Scientific Center was founded in VolSU and is functioning successfully.
The university can boast a wide network of language, cultural and research centers which facilitate the development of the university scientific potential – the “Americana” Research Center of the North-American Region, the Regional and Cross-Border Research Center, centers of Slavic languages and cultures, Oriental languages and cultures, the Center of Armenian Culture, Confucius Center.