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Service Team Manager


Работодатель: Ostrovok.ru

Формат вакансии: Вакансия для студентов и выпускников

Наименование должности: Service Team Manager

Должностные обязаности: • constant communication with hotels / partners / suppliers for partner bookings support, arranging additional services, handling emergency cases and complaints; • providing customer support via phone, live chat, and email; • logging actions in CRM; • advising partners on working with the product, it's functionality and capabilities; • maintaining records and doing reconciliation.

Требования: • fluent English + knowledge of Spanish / French / German / Portuguese / Polish; • self-discipline, attention to details and high level of personal responsibility; • communication skills; • people-oriented and energetic.

Уровень заработной платы: от 30 000 руб.

График работы: remote work (5/2 or 2/2)

Условия работы: • оfficial employment; • professional development and career growth opportunities; • interesting tasks (work with a complex and cool product that you will be proud of); • team of professionals; • competitive salary; • flexible schedule, remote work; • the opportunity to learn new things and share experiences.

О компании:

Сфера деятельности: IT, интернет, связь, телеком

Дата создания: 2010

Адрес компании: г. Москва, Рочдельская улица, дом 15, строение 43


e-mail: hr@ostrovok.ru

Телефон: 74992156525

Контактное лицо: Паньшина Полина Евгеньевна polina.panshina@ostrovok.ru