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The Voting Rights of Prussian Citizens (1815 - 1849)

Наименование публикации The Voting Rights of Prussian Citizens (1815 - 1849)
Тип публикации Статья
Библиографическое описание Bokov Ju.A. THE VOTING RIGHTS OF PRUSSIAN CITIZENS (1815 - 1849) / Сборник научных трудов Sworld. 2013. Т. 27. № 2. С. 3-5.
Аннотация Because of considerable faults in limited class suffrage in Prussia the people were not very active in elections. Under the three-class suffrage it were the third-class voters who above all ignored elections because they saw that they could not affect the situation. The limited suffrage met the interests mostly of the wealthiest citizens thus the wishes of the far greater part of the population – the poorer citizens – were considerably ignored. The investigation is carried out within performing research work on FTsP realization «Scientific and academic and teaching staff of innovative Russia» for 2009-2013, the state contract from 09.06.2010 № P1291.
Ключевые cлова electoral right, Prussia, representative organ, the Constitution
Год публикации 2013
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