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Studies in Computational Intelligence

Наименование публикации Studies in Computational Intelligence
Тип публикации Статья
Библиографическое описание Tigran T. Aliev , Alexander I. Goncharov, Vladimira V. Dolinskaya and Yaroslav V. Trofimov. Electronic Justice: Stages of Establishment and Issues of Development in Modern Russia/ Prerequisites for the Development of ICT /Studies in Computational Intelligence/ Editor Elena G.Popkova. – Cham: Springer Science + Business Media,Volume 826. - 2019.– P. 315-323.
Аннотация The article investigates a retrospective of building e-justice and the main issues hereof in the Russian Federation. We analyze an enacted procedure for introducing computerized information systems in Russian courts. The government put great efforts to develop a distant model of people’s applying for public services, foremost through the information and telecommunications network “Internet”. In general, a legislative basis has been established for this purpose. Over the years of e-justice establishment in Russia, we see an adjustment of originally developed e-service systems. They were designated for automation of judge’s functions, judicial machinery, for future operation on a special Internet platform of electronic procedural services distantly accessible to an unlimited number of citizens and institutions. The authors have revealed the issues of e-justice operation and have substantiated recommendations for their resolution. Also, we have presented ideal e-justice model for Russia.
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Год публикации 2019
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