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Kinematics and Stellar Disk Modeling of Lenticular Galaxies

Наименование публикации Kinematics and Stellar Disk Modeling of Lenticular Galaxies
Тип публикации Статья
Библиографическое описание Kinematics and Stellar Disk Modeling of Lenticular Galaxies / A. V. Zasov, A. V. Khoperskov, I. Yu. Katkov, V. L. Afanasiev, S. S. Kaisin // Astrophysical Bulletin. — 2012. — Vol. 67, No. 4. — Pp. 362-373.
Аннотация We present the results of spectroscopic observations of three S0-Sa galaxies: NGC338, NGC 3245, and NGC 5440 at the SAO RAS 6-m BTA telescope. The radial distributions of the line-of-sight velocities and radial velocity dispersions of stars and ionized gas were obtained, and rotation curves of galaxies were computed. We construct the numerical dynamic N-body galaxy models with N > 10^6 point masses. The models include three components: a "live" bulge, a collisionless disk, dynamically evolving to the marginally stable state, and a pseudo-isothermal dark halo. The estimates of radial velocities and velocity dispersions of stars obtained from observations are compared with model estimates, projected onto the line of sight. We show that the disks of NGC 5440 and the outer regions of NGC 338 are dynamically overheated. Taking into account the previously obtained observations, we conclude that the dynamic heating of the disk is present in a large number of early-type disk galaxies, and it seems to ensue from the external effects. The estimates of the disk mass and relative mass of the dark halo are given for seven galaxies, observed at the BTA.
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Год публикации 2012
Zasov A. V.
Katkov I. Yu.
Афанасьев Виктор Леонидович
Кайсин Серафим Серафимович
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