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Вольт-амперная характеристика туннельного контакта нанотрубка - металл

Наименование публикации Вольт-амперная характеристика туннельного контакта нанотрубка - металл
Тип публикации Статья
Библиографическое описание Конобеева, Н. Н. Вольт-амперная характеристика туннельного контакта нанотрубка - металл / Н. Н. Конобеева, А. В. Пак // Вестник Волгоградского государственного университета. Серия 1: Математика. Физика. — 2013. — № 1 (18). — С. 93-98.
Аннотация Рассмотрен процесс туннелирования электронов между углеродной нанотрубкой типа zig-zag и металлом. Получено выражение для туннельного тока методом функций Грина, которое было проанализировано численно. Построена вольт-амперная характеристика для данного туннельного контакта. Physical characteristics, such as heat, conductivity and others, in principle, one can always express by the Green’s function. However, the relationship is often very complex and “one-sided” because it does not allow to recover the Green’s function from experimental data. It is therefore of interest to discuss methods to directly “measure” of the Green function and obtain information about the properties of interacting particles system, which can be easily interpreted theoretically. In this paper we investigate the transfer of electrons from the carbon nanotube (CNT) (which we shall call the “probe”) to metal (the sample). If the charge transfer is instantaneous, it can be described as the destruction of the electron in the probe and the birth of his in the sample. The probability of this process is related to the Green functions of the sample and the probe. If the properties of the probe are known and fairly simple, it can be assumed that in such an experiment to “measure” the Green’s function of an electron in a sample.As a result, the expression for the tunneling current was obtained. And the current-voltage characteristic of the tunneling contact zig-zag carbon nanotube-metall was plotted. This dependence shows when the diameter of the carbon nanotubes increases, the tunneling current increases. However, the dependence for different type of CNT remains the same. Also ohmic portion of the current-voltage characteristic was observed. Therefore, by varying the tube diameter we can control value of the tunneling current contact.
Ключевые cлова углеродная нанотрубка, туннельный контакт, функция Грина, вольт-амперная характеристика, потенциальный барьер, carbon nanotubes, tunnel contact, Green’s function, current-voltage characteristic, potential barrier
Год публикации 2013
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