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Polar Rings Dynamics in Triaxial Dark Matter Halo

Наименование публикации Polar Rings Dynamics in Triaxial Dark Matter Halo
Тип публикации Тезисы
Библиографическое описание Khoperskov, S. Polar rings dynamics in triaxial dark matter halo / Sergej Khoperskov, Alexei Moiseev, Alexander Khoperskov // European Week of Astronomy and Space Science (EWASS 2012) : abstracts of the conference, Italy, Rome, July 1-6, 2012. — 2012. — 1 p.
Аннотация Spectroscopic observations from 6-m telescope of the Russian Academy of Sciences are used to study of two polar rings galaxies from the catalogue by Moiseev et al.: SPRC-7 and SPRC-260. We analyzed kinematics of stellar component of the central galaxies as well as the ionized gas kinematics in the external ring structures. The disk-halo decomposition of rotation curves in two perpendicular directions are considered. Observed 2D velocity fields are compared with the model predictions for different dark halo shape. Based on these data, we constrain the possible relations for dark halo density semi-axis ratio. Using 3D hydrodynamic calculations we also simulate dynamics and evolution of polar component in the potential of the galaxy disk and dark halo for this two galaxies. We show that the polar component is dynamically quasi-stable on the scale of ~ 10 dynamically times (about few Gyr). It is demonstrated the possibility of spiral structure growth which then transform to the lopsided gaseous system steadily in polar pane.
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Год публикации 2012
Хоперсков Сергей Александрович
Моисеев Алексей
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