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Role of PR-technologies in the context of ensuring national security of Russia

Наименование публикации Role of PR-technologies in the context of ensuring national security of Russia
Тип публикации Статья
Библиографическое описание Shinkaruk Vladimir, Solovyeva Natalya, Fantrov Pavel. Role of PR-technologies in the context of ensuring national security of Russia // Atlantis Press. Series:Advances in Social Science, Education and Humanities Research. Proceedings of the 1st International Scientific Practical Conference "The Individual and Society in the Modern Geopolitical Environment", 2019. P. 642-645. (Web Of Science)
Аннотация The relevance of researching the role of PR technologies in the process of ensuring Russia's national security is increasing, as it is being tested for strength in almost all of its areas. The effective implementation of PR technologies, the purpose of which is to create a positive attitude towards the Russian government through the organization of special measures, can help level out internal threats to national security. The effectiveness of PR-technologies depends largely on the formation of state policy in the field of national security. Thus, their effectiveness should be measured on the basis of the level of civil society’s involvement in the implementation of national security areas. In this regard, it is important for the Russian authorities to ensure the transparency of their activities and actively engage in an open dialogue with civil society structures. The paper assessed such PR projects as “Active Citizen”, “Open Budget”, “Russian Public Initiative”, “Strategy of the Russian Federation” and “Dialogue with the Prosecutor”, as well as public forums that contribute to improving the quality of decision-making by the authorities and increasing trust between society and the state. The article concluded that not only hierarchical (vertical) but also horizontal communications are required when interacting with state institutions and society for successful combating the existing internal threats to national security and realizing PR technologies in this area. The implementation of PR technologies will allow overcoming the “communication gap” between the state and society, which is extremely important in the context of their partnership interaction because maintaining national security is in the interests of both parties.
Ключевые cлова PR, national security, Russia, government, civil society, interaction.
Год публикации 2019
Шинкарук Владимир Маркович
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