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Control models in dental implantology

Наименование публикации Control models in dental implantology
Тип публикации Статья
Библиографическое описание Shiroky, A.A. Control models in dental implantology / A.A. Shiroky, A.O. Zekiy, V.V. Novochadov // Proceedings of 2018 11th International Conference "Management of Large-Scale System Development". - 2018. - Р. 8551911.
Аннотация he article describes osseointegration in tissue engineering system ‘bone – implant’ within approaches of systems biology and biocybernetics. The system considered in design of controlled functional system. The proposed model identifies biological equivalents for its components (such as controlling actions, controlled objects and their responses, controlled variables at the system output), describes the osseointegration mechanism in terms of controlled systems and optimal control formalizing boundary conditions and objective functions.osseointegration supposed to be controlled by methods of impulse control applying to engineering systems. As the result, authors compose system of ordinary differential equations associates state of system ‘bone – implant’ (phase coordinates) with concentrations of certain signaling molecules in osseointegration zone (controlling actions) in general form. The obtained system of equations, after the substitution of numeric or intervallic values, could be used in dental implantology, traumatology and orthopedics.The proposed prototype model opens the way to develop new generation of implants, which combine controlling actions with different predefined properties
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Год публикации 2018
Новочадов Валерий Валерьевич
Широкий Александр Александрович
Зекий Ангелина Олеговна
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