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The simulation of molecular clouds formation in the Milky Way

Наименование публикации The simulation of molecular clouds formation in the Milky Way
Тип публикации Статья
Библиографическое описание The simulation of molecular clouds formation in the Milky Way / S. A. Khoperskov, E. O. Vasiliev, A. M. Sobolev, A. V. Khoperskov // Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. — 2012. — Volume 428, Issue 3. — Pp. 2311-2320.
Аннотация Using 3D hydrodynamic calculations we simulate formation of molecular clouds in the Galaxy. The simulations take into account molecular hydrogen chemical kinetics, cooling and heating processes. Comprehensive gravitational potential accounts for contributions from the stellar bulge, two- and four-armed spiral structure, stellar disc, dark halo and takes into account self-gravitation of the gaseous component. Gas clouds in our model form in the spiral arms due to shear and wiggle instabilities and turn into molecular clouds after t ≳ 100 Myr. At the times t ∼ 100–300 Myr the clouds form hierarchical structures and agglomerations with the sizes of 100 pc and greater. We analyse physical properties of the simulated clouds and find that synthetic statistical distributions like mass spectrum, ‘mass–size’ relation and velocity dispersion are close to those observed in the Galaxy. The synthetic l–v (galactic longitude–radial velocity) diagram of the simulated molecular gas distribution resembles observed one and displays a structure with appearance similar to molecular ring of the Galaxy. Existence of this structure in our modelling can be explained by superposition of emission from the galactic bar and the spiral arms at ∼3–4 kpc.
Ключевые cлова ISM: clouds; Galaxy: structure; galaxies: ISM
Год публикации 2013
Хоперсков Сергей Александрович
Vasiliev E. O.
Sobolev A. M.
Хоперсков Александр Валентинович
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