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Interaction of the Dark-Matter Cusp With the Baryonic Component in Disk Galaxies

Наименование публикации Interaction of the Dark-Matter Cusp With the Baryonic Component in Disk Galaxies
Тип публикации Статья
Библиографическое описание Khoperskov, S. A. Interaction of the dark-matter cusp with the baryonic component in disk galaxies / S. A. Khoperskov, B. M. Shustov, A. V. Khoperskov // Astronomy Reports. — 2012. — Volume 56, Issue 9. — Pp 664-671.
Аннотация The influence of the formation and evolution of a (disk) galaxy on the matter distribution in the dark-matter halo is considered. Calculations of the evolution of an isolated dark-matter halo were carried out with and without including a baryonic component. N-body simulations (for the dark-matter halo) and gas-dynamical numerical simulations (for the baryonic gas) were used for this analysis. Star formation, feedback, and heating and cooling of the interstellar medium were taken into account in the gas-dynamical calculations. The results of these numerical simulations with high spatial resolution indicate that 1) including the star formation resolves the so-called cusp problem (according to CDMcosmological models, the density distribution in the central regions of the dark-matter halo should have a distinct peak (cusp), which is not shown by observations); 2) the interaction of the dark matter with dynamical substructures of the stellar-gas galactic disk (spiralwaves, a bar) affects the shape of the dark-matter halo. In particular, the calculated dark-matter distribution in the plane of the disk is more symmetric when the baryonic component is taken into account.
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Год публикации 2012
Хоперсков Сергей Александрович
Shustov B. M.
Хоперсков Александр Валентинович
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