Экономия воды
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Water saving

The ordinary mixer units in the academic buildings and the dormitory of VolSU are consistently replaced by mixer units with touch control which help to save water and control water disposal.  

Water metering devices and timely troubleshooting at water supply points and diversion units allow to control the tap water consumption and the process of water use. 

The drip irrigation system is used for the effective functioning of the landscape complex of the University, which is especially important in the conditions of sharply continental climate of Volgograd. The most important environmental factor that determines the stability of the object of landscape architecture along with temperature and light conditions is water. It is important for the normal growth and development of plants.

Garden irrigation of the University landscape complex is carried out by the following methods: rotary and drip irrigation. Drip irrigation is used for wood and shrub plants as the most effective: the water loss caused by the wind and reduction of moisture loss due to evaporation are excluded. The possibility of calculating water consumption for each plot of landscaping is also made. The length of drip irrigation on the territory of the University is 3.8 km.