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GET INVOLVED with Volunteer Center “Proryv”

Do you want to learn something new about people, friendship, gratitude and about yourself? Open your heart to support others and join our Volunteers movement!
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The Volunteer Center “Proryv”, created on December 16, 2010, is the largest volunteer organization in the Volgograd Region. 

The main activities of the Volunteer Center “Proryv” are in the field of social, environmental, cultural, patriotic and event volunteering, volunteering in education as well as donor movement. Our volunteer center encourages also seniors to gainfully engage in society through volunteerism. 

At the moment, the Volunteer Center on the basis of VolSU is a member of the Association of Volunteer Centers, which allows it to maintain leading positions in this field both in the region and in the country, as well as allows transferring international experience in volunteering in the Volgograd region. 

The volunteer center serves as a full-fledged subject of the region’s youth policy, participating in most significant events and key projects in Russia and abroad.

Our center recruited volunteers for Sochi 2014 (XXII Olympic Winter Games and XI Winter Paralympics), 2018 FIFA World Cup as well as more than 250 regional events every year. Our volunteers participate in grant contests and implement their personal projects. 

For more information visit https://vk.com/vc_proryv .

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We can't wait for you to join us!