Centre for Creative Arts
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Center for Creative Arts


       Director of the Center
       Alexandra Vorobieva

If you are full of creative ideas and initiatives, the Center for Creative Arts of VolSU will definitely realize your potential!

Each student of our university can find here the activity s/he is interested in.

The Center has several dance groups (folk “Euphoria”, pop “Inversion” and modern “Voodoo”), vocal ensembles (VolSU`s choir, “Consonance”, “Cantabile”), the youth theater “Tochka Opory”, leisure club “Taco”, where students watch movies together and play board games.

Center for Creative Arts annually organizes many events: the annual competition "Freshman Debut", where every freshman can express him/herself in any creative activity.

The “Voice of VolSU” competition is an annual project aimed at improving the skills of vocalists. Professional mentors work with the participants and prepare them for the final show. The best dancers are revealed during the “Dances of VolSU” competition. Through the “Most Creative Institute” competition, various creative teams of institutes compete in different genres. The “VolSU Image” competition which the VolSU final creative event of the year is held at the main concert venue of the city.Through the art the institutes represent their fields of study.

Moreover, our university actively participates in the All-Russian and International contests. VolSU students are winners of different ranks Miss and Mister Students of Volgograd, Beauty of Students of Russia etc. In 2020 Volgograd State University team became the best in competition of All-Russian Student Marathon in Sochi.

We welcome every student! Discover your talents!

Watch some videos of Center's activity:




1. “Euphoria” Folk Dance Group

Эйфория1    Эйфория2.jpg

2. “Inversion” Pop Dance Group

Инверсия1    Инверсия2.jpg

3. “VooDoo” Modern Dance Group

VooDoo1    VooDoo3

4. VolSU Choir


5. “Consonance” Vocal Ensemble


6. “Cantabile” Vocal Ensemble


7. Unicum” Intellectual Club

Уникум1    Уникум3

8. “Taco” Leisure Club