Institute of Natural Sciences
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Institute of Natural Sciences

Motto: Natura hoc ita comparatum est

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    Director of the Institute       

     Elena Anatolyevna Ivantsova

     Doctor of Sciences (Agriculture), Associate Professor   

     Tel: (8442) 46-16-39
     Dean's office: 3-07 "В"
     Address: 100 Prospect Universitetsky, Volgograd, 400062, Russia


The Institute of Natural Sciences aims to train professionals in the field of Natural sciences in accordance with the current level of development of science and technologies.

Students get a high level of theoretical and practical knowledge under the guidance of the faculty staff, which includes Doctors of Sciences and Academicians of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The main feature of the study process is its practical orientation. Classes are held in state-of-the-art Laboratories of Experimental Biology, Photogrammetry and Digital Cartography; Environmental and Analytical Laboratory, Educational and Research Geoecological Laboratory; Educational and Research Laboratory of Genetic Engineering, Educational and Research Biological, Biochemical and Microbiological Laboratories.

The practice-oriented approach of teaching contributes to the successful learning of specialty-related disciplines, the implementation of theoretical knowledge in the framework of educational internships and work placement, as a result, contributes to the professional self-realization of graduates.

The Institute of Natural Sciences includes:

  • Department of Biology;

  • Department of Bioengineering and Bioinformatics;

  • Department of Geography and Cartography;

  • Department of Ecology and Nature Management;

  • Department of Physical Culture and Health Technologies.