Institute of Management and Regional Economics
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Institute of Economics and Management 

Motto: Regere est prospicere


Ponomareva L.V.   Director of the Institute

    Larisa Vladimirovna Ponomareva

    Candidate of Sciences (Economics)

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    Institute Web site for Masters
    Tel.: (8442) 40-55-26
    Dean's office: 4-19 "Б"
    Address: 100 Prospect Universitetsky, Volgograd, 400062, Russia   

The Institute of Economics and Management is the largest educational and research division of Volgograd State University. It was formed on January 25, 1989 and is currently one of the leading centers that gives future qualified economists and managers the comprehensive university education. 

Training of 1500 students is taught by highly qualified faculty staff, including 14 Doctors of Sciences and 68 Candidates of Sciences. The institute provides teaching of disciplines in the field of economics and management to students of all educational programmes of VolSU. 

All educational programmes are practice-oriented, adapted to the needs of the modern labor market and designed to meet professional standards. Great attention is paid to the development of students' analytical and creative thinking skills. This allows our graduates to adapt quickly and successfully to the fast changing world. 

Professors and students of the Institute are regular participants of scientific conferences and forums at various levels. There are winners and prize-winners of all-Russian and international student olympiads and competitions, holders of the Scholarships of the President and the Government of the Russian Federation. Research papers and articles are published in leading journals in Russia and abroad. The professors of the Institute are members of national and international scientific organizations. The Institute actively supports and develops international scientific and educational contacts. 

The student life of the Institute is diverse. The socio-cultural environment allows each student to master successfully their profession and skills, engage in research activities, sports and creativity.

Today the Institute includes seven Departments:

  • Department of Theory of Finance, Credit and Taxation;

  • Department of Accounting and Economic Security;     

  • Department of Economic Theory, World and Regional Economics;

  • Department of Marketing;

  • Department of Management;

  • Department of State and Municipal Management;

  • Department of Applied Informatics and Mathematical Methods in Economics.