Institute of Mathematics and Information Technologies
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Institute of Mathematics and Informational Technologies

Motto: Numeri regunt mundum


   Director of the Institute

    Alexander Georgievich Losev

    Doctor of Sciences (Physics and Mathematics), Professor 
    Tel.: (8442) 46-02-61
    Institute Web site
    Dean's office: 3-09 "А"
    Address: 100 Prospect Universitetsky, Volgograd, 400062, Russia  

Being the regional leader in Mathematics, the Institute of Mathematics and Information Technologies of Volgograd State University is a modern Institute that combines academic traditions and an innovative approach of teaching.

The Institute trains highly qualified IT specialists in the field of Mathematical Modeling, Digital Transformation of the Economy, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. It also specializes in training developers of computer systems and advanced programming technologies. The development of the Institute depends on high demand on the computer and software industry as well as the scientific and technological development of the Russian Federation in 10-20 years.

Nowadays the Institute of Mathematics and Information Technologies has more than 1 200 students and more than 100 professors in 6 departments:

  • Department of Computer Science and Experimental Mathematics;

  • Department of Mathematical Analysis and Function Theory;

  • Department of Fundamental Informatics and Optimal Control;

  • Department of Information Systems and Computer Modeling;

  • Department of Laser Physics;

  • Department of Radio Physics;

  • Department of Theoretical Physics and Wave Processes.