Institute of History, International Relations and Social Technologies
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Institute of History, International Relations and Social Technologies

Motto: Historia est magistra vitae


   Director of the Institute

    Irina Vyacheslavovna Vlasyuk 

    Doctor of Sciences (Pedagogy), Professor
    Tel.: (8442) 40-55-22/ (8442) 46-02-78
    Dean's office: 3-23 "Б"
    Address: 100 Prospect Universitetsky, Volgograd, 400062, Russia

The Institute of History, International Relations and Social Technologies is represented by five departments:

  • Department of International Relations, Political Science and Regional Studies;

  • Department of Russian and World History, Archeology;

  • Department of Service and Tourism;

  • Department of Sociology and Social Work;

  • Department of Psychology and Pedagogy.

Highly qualified professors, including 23 doctors of sciences and 35 candidates of sciences, ensure high-quality education that complies with federal state educational standards. The Institute regularly invites foreign scientists to give lectures and implement joint research projects.

There are academic and research laboratories for archaeological studies as well as anthropological and archaeological museums and museum of Cossack life. Specialized rooms in the main study areas are also provided to ensure all the necessary conditions for the learning process.

The Institute's professors conduct research work within the Center for the Collective Use of the Military History of Russia, the Center for the Study of Sarmatian History and Culture, the Research and Education Center for Social Technologies, the Research and Education Center for Modernization of the Multidimensional Social and Political Space of Russia, and the Research and Education Center for Russian Foreign Policy and Security.

The Institute’s students have the great opportunity to take part in student exchanges with foreign university-partners of VolSU as well as be included in national and international projects and various research conferences. Volgograd UN Model has been successfully implemented for ten years, where not only VolSU students and professors take part, but their international colleagues as well.

The students of the Institute are members of the KVN (Club of Humor) university team, represent the university at city brain-ring competitions, organize festive events, participate in sports competitions, etc. There are actively working creative teams and clubs of interest, a student scientific society, an archaeological club, a school of young political scientists, and a school of young historians.

Institute graduates successfully adapt to the situation on the labour market, and successfully apply their knowledge and abilities both in research and pedagogical activities, and in various consulting organizations, in administration structures and law enforcement agencies, newspaper and magazine offices, television, etc.