Trends in relations between Russia and China are on the agenda
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Trends in relations between Russia and China are on the agenda

Elena Parubochaya, Director of the Centre for Public Diplomacy of VolSU, PhD in History, Associate Professor of the Department of History and International Relations, spoke at the event that was a part of the international expert discussion titled “Relations of the Central Asian States with Russia and China: from Theory to Practice”.

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The meeting was devoted to the Central Asian countries’ relations with the leading regional players, the Russian Federation and China, and their role in shaping the geopolitics of Greater Eurasia. The experts also discussed trends in Moscow's and Beijing's relations with the countries of the region, in particular the creation of a security circuit.

Among the participants of the meeting were Vladimir Paramonov, Doctor of Political Sciences, Advisor to the Director / Head of Department of the Coordination and Methodological Centre of Modern History of Uzbekistan at the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan; Alibek Tazhibaev, Director of “Eurasian Monitoring”; Taisiya Marmontova, Scientific Advisor of “Eurasian Monitoring”, Guzel Maitdinova, Professor of the Department of Foreign Area Studies and Foreign Policy, Director of the Centre of Geopolitical Studies of the Russian-Tajik Slavonic University. The experts analysed the possibilities of multilateral cooperation in the region in the conditions of constantly changing geopolitical situation and decided to continue the discussion.

The event was organised by the “Eurasian Monitoring” Analytical Research Centre (Republic of Kazakhstan).

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