VolSU held a Russian-Chinese sports festival
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VolSU held a Russian-Chinese sports festival

The Student Garden of Volgograd State University witnessed a Russian-Chinese sports festival: a workout titled “Russia and China: Territory of Health”. It summed up the sports results of this year at our alma mater.


The event opened with a popular Soviet song “Katyusha” in Chinese. The program of the festival was developed in the framework of the Years of Russian-Chinese cooperation in physical education and sports in 2022 and 2023.

Alla Kalinina, Rector of VolSU, welcomed the participants and guests:

“It is no coincidence that “Katyusha” in Chinese was played here today: this is our Chinese partners congratulating us on our University Day. This is the second year of our joint festivals with Zaozhuang University. At the moment, taking into account the time difference, our colleagues are holding a sports festival as well. Our partnership began with a wonderful project—a sports festival between universities in China and Russia. I am sure that this project will provide the foundation for further multilateral cooperation in the field of educational and scientific projects,” Alla Kalinina, Rector of VolSU, stressed. “As for the sports festival: this year our students took second place in the overall standings of the regional competition in all kinds of sports. For us, it is a very high result. This year we even beat the team of Volgograd State Academy of Physical Education, a sports university. That is a great achievement. I always remember and wish you to remember the saying “a healthy mind in a healthy body”. Those who exercise regularly will always have the opportunity to develop and improve themselves in all areas. I know that we have the smartest and the most remarkable students! Thank you!”


Rector Alla Kalinina awarded student activists in the field of sports, as well as faculty members of the Department of Physical Education and Health Technology.

The “Russia and China: Territory of Health” workout was held as part of the Years of Russian-Chinese cooperation in physical education and sports, announced in Russia. Zaozhuang University, a partner university of VolSU, also became a partner of the event.

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Li Wenxi, President of Zaozhuang University, sent a congratulatory video address to Alla Kalinina, Rector of VolSU, as well as to all students, faculty members and staff of the university. In his speech, President Li Wenxi noted the fruitful cooperation between our universities, as well as the growing mutual interest not only in sports, but also in the language and culture of Russia and China.

Rector Alla Kalinina sent a response video address to President Li Wenxi, as well as students, faculty members and staff of the university.

Since the beginning of the academic year, more than 40 students of VolSU and Zaozhuang University have been studying at online courses of Chinese and Russian languages, organized under the cooperation agreement between our universities. Next academic semester, a group of VolSU students will go to Zaozhuang University to study on exchange.


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