VolSU is in TOP-100 of National Aggregate Ranking 2023
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VolSU is in TOP-100 of National Aggregate Ranking 2023


As the authors point out, the ranking has been published for the fifth time and it has since become a de facto unified assessment scale for the higher education system. Universities use the results for self-reflection and comparison with competitors. The ranking covers all higher education institutions, from the major ones located in the capital to the smaller regional ones. The specific features of mono-profile universities and cultural universities were also taken into account. This event takes on special significance in the run-up to the admission campaign, when a major part of applicants need to make a wise choice.

As a result, 686 universities were divided into 10 leagues. Volgograd State University is in the first league.

“This is the result of the work of our whole team! I thank all my colleagues and students for their continuous work, dedication and love for our university! Our motto “From word to deed” becomes almost traditionally reflected in high positions in prestigious rankings”, Alla Kalinina, Rector of VolSU, wrote in her Telegram channel.

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