Volgograd State University
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Trade Union Organization of VolSU Employees is the most effective one among the universities of the region

For the seventh time in a row, the Primary Trade Union Organization of VolSU Employees became the best in the annual performance rating among trade union organizations of employees of universities of the Volgograd region, that are members of the Professional Union of Employees of Popular Education and Science of the Russian Federation.
According to the results of the ranking in the 'Primary trade union organizations of employees of higher education institutions' nomination, Volgograd State University got the highest score of 108 points and ranked first.
It should be noted that since 2015, the Trade Union Organization of VolSU Employees annually takes a leading position, and its work is one of the most effective among trade union organizations of educational institutions at all levels of the Volgograd region.
In addition to the traditional evaluation criteria, the effectiveness of organizations was assessed according to the following: number of trade union members, compliance with the statutory norms, monitoring of compliance with labor laws, holding of trade union campaigns, contests and events, contribution to prestige of the regional trade union organization, interaction with young professors. In 2021, activities aimed at concluding preferential direct agreements with social partners, as well as events on preventing the new coronavirus infection development were also added.
Over the past seven years, the Trade Union Organization of VolSU Employees has been constantly expanding its list of social partners who provide discounts to members of the trade union organization and their family members in the amount of 10% to 100% of the total cost of services. This work has become a reliable foundation for the AntiCOVID Trade Union program created in response to the spread of the new coronavirus infection. It provides protection in three areas: treatment, spa treatment and rehabilitation, difficult life situations.
"This program is very much in demand by our employees. The number of applications for financial assistance from trade union members has increased several times since the autumn of 2021. In 2021, expenses only for financial assistance for treatment accounted for a third of the trade union budget. However, we have completely fulfilled all the obligations under the annual plan of trade union events, which is focused on occupational safety and health, corporate culture development, as well as interests of various social groups (including non-working pensioners)," Nadezhda Archebasova, chairman of the Trade Union Organization of VolSU Employees, says.
Every month the trade union committee meets to make decisions on providing financial assistance in the amount of up to 15,000 rubles to 20 to 40 employees in the order of application submission. The situation is still difficult, but thanks to the support of the team (80.6% of the trade union membership), the extensive social work of the trade union activists, a wide network of social partners under direct cooperation agreements, as well as the introduction of innovative forms of trade union activity, the Primary Trade Union Organization of VolSU Employees is constantly increasing the efficiency of such assistance, and also shares the accumulated best practices with colleagues from other trade union organizations.

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