Volgograd State University
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#MYVMESTE Center at VolSU sent humanitarian aid

In four days, since the opening of the #MYVMESTE Humanitarian Aid Center in VolSU, the staff and students of Volgograd State University collected humanitarian aid for families evacuated from the Donetsk and Luhansk Republics. The volunteers of the 'Proryv' volunteer center sorted and packed the collected items, among which are school supplies, baby food, personal hygiene products and bed linen. Today, the first car with humanitarian aid has been sent.

"We have prepared the first batch of humanitarian aid, which will go to the Volunteer Resource Center of the Volgograd region, which is the operator of the #MYVMESTE program and the main headquarters for collecting humanitarian aid in the region," Lada Pikalova, an employee of the 'Proryv' Volunteer Center of the volunteer mobility center of the Southern Federal District said. "In the Volgograd region, several headquarters have been opened at educational institutions, including colleges and our university. All concerned citizens and representatives of organizations can bring items for humanitarian aid to our headquarters. The staff and students of VolSU actively participated in collecting the aid. I am very glad that there are so many kind and sympathetic people at our university."

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