Volgograd State University
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Intercultural Maslenitsa at VolSU

A meeting of the Student Intercultural Communication Club, founded at the Center for Intercultural Competence Development and Training of Foreign Specialists, based at the Institute of International Education of VolSU, was held in an informal, friendly atmosphere. Students from foreign countries, studying at VolSU, met with Russian fellow students to discuss the peculiarities of communication in different countries, cross-cultural issues and ways to overcome them.

At such events, students also learn about culture, customs and features of mentality in different countries. During the last meeting and a friendly tea party with pancakes on the occasion of Maslenitsa, young people sang a song in Arabic together and decided that listening music from different countries together, as well as watching and discussing movies and cartoons is necessary.

A postgraduate student of the Department of International Relations, Political Science and Regional Studies of the Institute of History, International Relations and Social Technologies Salam Al-Rikabi shared his impressions: "It was very interesting! I liked that we were talking with students and eating pancakes - it was very tasty! And I hope that such events will be held often so that we could meet and chat. Thanks to the organizers!"

"It was a wonderful, positive and exciting event, that presented different cultures of the world in a new way. I really liked it!" Valeria Kuryakova, a first-year student of the International Relations educational program, said.

The Student Intercultural Communication Club plans to hold meetings on a number of different topics: 'National Traditions and Rituals', 'National Fashion Days', 'Business Etiquette in Various Countries and Peculiarities of Negotiations', 'Traditional Children and Sports Games in the World'.

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