Volgograd State University
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Knowledge is power: books as a gift for the day of the foundation of Samarkand State University

Самарканд1.jpgOn September 21, Samarkand State University (SamSU), a partner university of Volgograd State University, celebrated its 601st birthday. The University traces its history back to the creation of the Ulugh Beg Madrasa, being one of the main scientific and educational institutions of Uzbekistan. 

Rector of VolSU Prof. Dr. Alla Kalinina sent a congratulatory letter to Rector of SamSU Rustam Halmuradov. In addition to the letter, several dozen books of VolSU scientists were mailed to SamSU. All books are gifted as a symbol of strong cooperation between universities.

The sent books include scientific works in such fields as linguistics, economics, history, political science, archeology, geography and others. In addition, there are also books on the history, culture and economy of the Volgograd Region.

The gifted books will be presented at exhibitions dedicated to the celebration of the birthday of SamSU.

Volgograd State University congratulates its foreign partner on such a significant event and wishes further prosperity!

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