Volgograd State University
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VolSU Scientists Develop Cooperation in the Field of High Technologies

Заметка УМС_3.pngThe developments of scientists of Volgograd State University are in demand and attract much attention in the international community. At the VI Round Table "Russian-Chinese scientific and technical cooperation in the development and implementation of high technologies", Volgograd State University scientists presented four innovative projects: 1) Drug coating filled with carbon nanotubes for medical stents (Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Prof. I. V. Zaporotskova); 2) Additive for Fuels and Lubricants Oils “Nano-oil” that Improves the Quality of the Material (Ph. D. in Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Prof. S. V. Boroznin); 3) EcoGIS-v02 Software Package (Ph. D. in Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Prof. S. S. Khrapov); 4) Carbon Nanotubes as a New Material for the Purification of Alcohol-Containing Liquids (Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Prof. N. P. Boroznina). Following the results of the event, the information about the projects was included in the Collection of Materials of the Round Table (presented in Russian and Chinese).Заметка УМС_2.png

The round table is held to demonstrate Russian, Chinese, as well as joint Russian-Chinese innovative developments and projects that have a high potential for commercialization. The event discussed the prospects for the introduction of innovative developments, as well as the issues of training qualified personnel for high-tech and innovative industries by the universities of the two countries: modern industrial and production technologies; new materials and technologies; biotechnologies, applied medical technologies; technologies of highly productive agricultural farming, storage and processing of agricultural products; security technologies. The round table was organized by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, the International Union of Instrument & ICT Engineers; the Ministry of Science and Technology of China and the Department of Science and Technology of Harbin.

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