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Congratulations on the coming New Year from VolSU Rector

Dear students, postgraduates, professors and staff of Volgograd State University!

Please, accept my sincere congratulations on the coming New Year 2021!

The past year has become a powerful motivator for digitalisation of university education. We started using widely onlineо.jpg technologies, developed new skills, learned to work in teams and looked for creative approaches. We launched a number of unique communication projects such as the online marathon of Open Door Days, "Enter VolSU" (ru: "Поступи правильно"), the "Enter VolSU Online"service (ru: "Поступи онлайн"), the virtual academic mobility, the "VolSU at your home" project (ru: "ВолГУ ДОМа"), which includes live broadcasts of lectures and master classes, and other useful services.

Researchers and students of Volgograd State University brought many victories to the university's achievements in 2020. VolSUteam was awarded the Volgograd Region Award in Science and Technology in 2020. This year Volgograd State University received the title "The Best Organization of the Year"in the regional competition in the category "Science". The publication activity in the journals included in Scopus and Web of Science has significantly increased. This indicates the quality and high demand for the ongoing research. We are also proud of our remarkable scientists who in 2020 became grant recipients of the Russian Science Foundation and the Russian Foundation for Basic Research in very challenging interdisciplinary grants. About 130 research projects of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, the Russian Science Foundation and Presidential grants were implemented at VolSU. University students have shown high results in such competitions as the "Manage!"All-Russian Youth Management Cup (ru: "Управляй!"), the "I am a Professional"All-Russian Graduate Thesis Competition in History, the All-Russian Student Olympiad and many others. Students of Volgograd State University were awarded scholarships by Mr. Anatoly Sobchak and Mr. Vladimir Tumanov in law, Mr. Vladimir Putin (Russian President) and the Government, the LUKOIL Charitable Foundation, the city-hero of Volgograd and Volgograd Region scholarships. They were winners of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research competition for the best scientific projects.

Special gratitude to all the staff who worked during the admission campaign despite the pandemic: for the excellent "VolSU at your home" project, open lectures by professors and staff explaining the admission rules, the almost round-the-clock online support service for applicants.

слайдер с нг.jpgIt is the remarkable work of our team that allowed us to ensure the best result in 2020: eight winners of Olympiads and a high average score of applicants admitted to VolSU. We are happy to welcome wonderful, intelligent and talented young people!

I am sure that next year our work will bring just as many worthy victories! We will continue to take care of strengthening the material base of our university, creating new points of interaction for project activities of our students and the academic staff, improving the living conditions of students in the dormitory.

On the New Year’sEve I would like to thank each family member of Volgograd State University for hard work and enthusiasm, creating unique programmes and courses that meet the requirements of the time and the dynamics of development! Many thanks to our students and postgraduate students for their activity, initiatives and creative ideas!

In the coming year 2021 I heartily wish you good health, prosperity and warmth at home, support from your family and friends, excellent mood and creative inspiration! Let all your ideas turn into interesting projects and we will surely support them! I wish you self-realization and personal growth! Take care of yourself, and may the year 2021 bring you only good things. Happy New Year and have great holidays!


Prof. Dr. Alla Kalinina

Rector of Volgograd State University

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