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International Conference on Youth Diplomacy

Volgograd State University in cooperation with the branch of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation in the Russian Federation started a new international online-project "The Role of Humanitarian Interaction and Youth Diplomacy in the EU-EAEU Space" which was held on November 5-6, 2020.

The project bound experts as well as students from Russia, Belarus and Germany. Director of the Center for Public Diplomacy of Volgograd State University Dr. Elena Parubochaya noticed that it is important for students together with experts to discuss interaction between the EU and the EAEU countries.

The panel discussion was opened by Dr.Valentin Dzedik, the Vice-rector for research of VolSU. Dr. Dzedik highlights that youth diplomacy is becoming more significant in establishing a peaceful dialogue between different nations. Today it is extremely important when representatives of modern youth from different countries learn how to be tolerant and improve their intercultural communication.

Kerstin Kaiser, Head of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation's branch in the Russian Federation, welcomed all the participants and noticed that it is important to have a direct communication for further prosperous interactions.

The project ran expert sessions as well where participants discussed opportunities for youth diplomacy in the EU-EAEU space, the development of Russian-German relations, and prospects for international cooperation in the field of education and science.

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