Volgograd State University
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Lecture for VolSU students by German professor

In the framework of the GIP program (Germanistische Institutspartnerschaft) Dr. Stefan Walter from the Faculty of Translation Studies, Linguistics and Cultural Studies of the J. Gutenberg University of Mainz (Germersheim, Germany) gave an online lecture at the Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication of Volgograd State University.

The lecture was dedicated to the new vocabulary in German ("Bienensterben, Rollerchaos … und ein bisschen Corona-Wortschatz: Aktuelle Lexik und was dahinter steckt"). New words are constantly appearing in the language reflecting the new realities of our modern life. These words contain socio-cultural information, so native speakers can understand them. But as for German language learners, they have a lot of difficulties to find a correct meaning.

During the lecture, Dr. Stefan Walter gave many examples to illustrate how social reality reflects in language. This shows the scientific and applied character of the event, as linguists who study German as a first and second foreign language were able to improve their knowledge in the field of stylistics, lexicology, grammar of the German language, as well as in the field of translation practice through communication with a native German speaker.   


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