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StartUp as a Thesis at VolSU

IMG_0665-254The “StartUp as a Thesis” platform promotes the active involvement of students in innovative and entrepreneurial activities, the development of a scientific and creative atmosphere at the university. Students generate ideas and make a team to develop it. This is often a multidisciplinary research which students and faculty staff from different institutes are involved.

The author Nikita Perepelitsa, a student of the Institute of Mathematics and Information Technology presented his StartUp which is an online platform (application) for learning foreign languages.

The work was chaired by Prof. Sergey Feskov from the Department of Information Systems and Computer Modelling of VolSU. In addition, together with the Associate Prof. Elena Malushko of the Department of German and Romanic Philology, thematic dictionaries for students of the Institute of Mathematics and Information Technologies were compiled and uploaded. These web - dictionaries are important as mathematicians often need to use highly specialized terms.

The project was implemented, an application was written on the Laravel software platform, tested on various devices, published on the Internet on its own hosting with a level 2 domain. The author of the project has some ideas for the development and improvement of functionality, which can be implemented while studying for a master's degree.

Nikita's development is not the only one in recent years. Other StartUps were implemented by Viktor Radchenko - “Creation of a 3D printer prototype for the manufacture of products of complex shapes from metal powder”, as well as by Zhanna Gusak and Evgeny Ulyanov with their “Development of an information project “Volgograd Region - a tourist region “based on 3D modeling technologies”.


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