Volgograd State University
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VolSU produces parts of combines


The TeleNovo Engineering Center of Volgograd State University creates prototypes of the parts that will be used in the manufacturing of combines. The parts will be transferred to the company "Agro-S" after completion of the work.

The center's engineers make a straw walker drive gear using a 3D printer. The part is a significant component in crop harvesting. The work of the Telenovo is related to reverse-engineering. Using 3D scanning and 3D modeling, a part will be created on the basis of a broken gear.

The main advantages of this manufacturing are high speed of production, self-production and the usage of industrial plastics as a material. The center is the only who can print a model up to 500*500 mm without using gluing materials.

It should be noted that the TeleNovo was established on the basis of Volgograd State University in 2018. The main activities of the center are 3D printing and additive manufacturing, 3D scanning, reverse engineering and supercomputer mathematical modelling.


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