• Volgograd State University became one of the best universities in developing Europe and Central Asia

  • VolSU Volunteer Center "Proryv" has become Volunteer Platform for FIFA World Cup Russia 2018™

Why Volgograd

Volgograd is located in the south-east of the European part of Russia. It is the administrative center of Volgograd Region. The city was founded in 1589 and originally was called Tsaritsyn (from 1589 till 1925); from 1925 till 1961 it was known as Stalingrad.

According to the population census held in 2010 the number of inhabitants in 2010 reached to 1 million and 21 thousand people.


Volgograd is one of the most extensive Russian cities. The city length along the Volga River is about 100 km.

Within the city there is a bridge across the Volga called “dancing bridge”. There is also a passage adjacent to the northern urban fringe, which is running along the dam of the Volzhsky Hydropower Station. It connects Volgograd with a satellite town Volzhsky and is located in the territorial subordination of the latter. On the territory of Krasnoarmeysky District on the south of Volgograd begins Volga-Don Shipping Canal named after Lenin – a part of the united deep-water transport system of the European part of Russia.

Dancing Bridge Volgograd Sculpture «Mother Motherland is Calling»

City with rich culture and history

There are a lot of historical sites in Volgograd – buildings, streets, squares related to the Civil and Great Patriotic Wars. They are visual symbols of the glorious combat and labor deeds of our fathers, grandfathers and great grandfather.

The Mamayev Hill

The Mamayev Hill is «the main Russian height». During the Stalingrad Battle here took place some of the fiercest fighting. Today on the Mamayev Hill it is erected a memorial “To heroes of the Battle of Stalingrad”. Center figure of the composition is the sculpture «Mother Motherland is Calling». It was opened in 1966. It is one of the seven Russian wonders.

Panorama «The Defeat of German Forces at Stalingrad”

Panorama «The Defeat of German Forces at Stalingrad” is apicturesque painting devoted to the Battle of Stalingrad and located on the city’s central embankment. It was opened in 1982.

Gerhart Mill

Gerhart Mill – building that became a symbol of fight cruelty in the Stalingrad Battle. On the wall (the 5 floor level) from the Polytechnic University side there is an inscription “Gerhart” – name of the owner, German lived in Volgograd, Alexander Gerhart.

The Central Department Store BuildingThe Central Department Store Building. In its basement the command staff of sixth German army and F. Pauls was captured. In the basement the museum “Memory” is opened. 

Variety of architectural monuments (landmarks)
Tsaritsyn Fire Brigade Building Tsaritsyn Fire Brigade Building
The Tsaritsyn Nobility Assembly Building, now – Volgograd Local History Museum Volgograd Local History Museum

State Historical and Ethnographical and Architectural Memorial Estate “Old Sarepta

Old Sarepta
Volga-Don Shipping Canal named after V.I. Lenin Volga-Don Shipping Canal
Volgograd Planetarium
Volgograd Planetarium

VolSU is a traditional university of the XXI century


Volgograd State University (VolSU) is famous abroad for the quality of education, high scientific potential, innovative projects and active social position.

VolSU today represents modern educational technologies, educational programs of different levels, dissertation councils where candidate and doctor dissertations are defended, first-class professors – doctor and candidate of sciences, representatives of the real sectors of the economy.

VolSU cooperates with 54 partners from CIS countries, Europe, Asia and America. University students are actively involved in the academic exchange programs and join international projects.

VolSU treasures its history, has its own symbols (a flag, hymn, University’s coat of arms), creates its own traditions. Holdings of our Museums contain unique artifacts used in the educational and scientific work. On May 24 – the Day of Slavic Writing and Culture – we celebrate the Day of Volgograd State University.

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