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Student life
                                          Clubs, events and societies

Volgograd State University supports and promotes all kinds of creative, sport and social activities of students. Volgograd State University houses 12 student unions of different types which bring themselves together into the Student Autonomous Bodies Association to solve common problems and implement major projects.
The structure of the VolSU Student Autonomous Bodies Association is the following:
• Trade union of the university staff and students;
• VolSU council of students and post-graduates;
• Student volunteer movement;
• Student scientific society;
• Student innovative agency;
• Council of newspaper and e-magazine editors;
• Group of standard-bearers;
• Youth organization of student employment;
• Student volunteer brigade;
• Student hostel council;
• Student sport core group;
• Student ecological society.

Dance groups

Students of different university departments founded the “Vesna” (“Spring”) dance group in September 2005. On early stages of its development the group concert program included the following performances: a Russian dance and a Spanish dance. Nowadays, “Vesna” is not only enriching its own dance repertoire with traditional and variety dances, but is also helping individual dancers with their shows.
Leader: Anna Minayeva
Room 44-27G

The “Zhara” (“Heat”) dance group was founded in 2008. The main dance styles of the group are the modern ones – Hip-hop, Cramp, House, Ragga, Wacking, Robotek, King tut and others.
Leader: Andrey Mityushkin
Room 44-27G

The “Ulary” Arabic dance group was founded in 2009. It unites the best belly dance artists of Volgograd State University. The “Ulary” dance group always takes an active part in university events as well as in district, city and regional concerts and competitions. Every May the dance group holds a major annual concert.
Leader: Elnara Saidgasanova
Room 44-27G

The “Euphoria” dance group was founded in 2010. Traditional and variety dance styles are the main dance directions of the group. The “Euphoria” is a constant participant of different city, regional and all-Russian festivals and competitions and also takes part in VolSU charity events.
Leader: Maria Shurkhal
Room 44-27G

The “Inversia” dance group was established in March 2013. The dance group is very young but it has already participated in the Creative Youth Festival in May 2013 and has become a part of all-Russian campaign under the title “Students towards the Student Games”.
Leader: Natalya Ilyinskaya
Room 44-27G

“UTRo VolGU” (“VolSU Morning”) University TV and Radio
The “UTRo VolGU” was founded in May 2009. TV programs made by students and the media center members go on air once a week. New issues appear, e.g., “Neformat”, “Otkrytok.net”, “Oprosy”. Besides, everyday issues available in social networks as well as a number of topic projects, like “V teme”, appear in the TV schedule.
The “UTRo VolGU” team is a creative and friendly university group which is open for talented and creative students.
“UTRo VolGU” editor: Anastasia Valentey
Room 1-09A

“Tochka Opory” (“Pivot”) Youth Theatre
The VolSU Youth Theatre was established in 2004. Its every performance brings something new to the spectator because the actors of the theatre never cease to surprise, they’re not afraid to explore new horizons together with their audience. The team is enriching, the repertoire is modified and becomes more diverse in genres.
The theatre takes an active part in city, regional and international competitions.
Art Director: Yekaterina Grishina
Room 44-27G

“Neobyektiv” (“Bias”) Photo Club
The core group of the photo club actively participates in every city and university photo event. The creative approach of the club members is visible in everything – from the organization of workshops or lectures on photography history to photo crosses and interuniversity competitions.
Supervisor: Aleksandr Mikhalyov, Head of the Museum Complex
Room 2-19G

VolSU sport core group
Room 3-01E
Volgograd State University is the place where health-saving educational technologies are being developed and realized as well as conscious approach to health and healthy lifestyle.
VolSU achievements in that sphere are marked on the all-Russian level. Volgograd State University is the winner of the 1st All-Russian Competition for the “University of Healthy Lifestyle” grade and a prize-winner of the 2nd All-Russian competition.
Students can work out in well-equipped gyms of the Sport Club centre where there are different sport sections – basketball, volleyball, karate, fitness, aerobics, badminton and table tennis. Students and the sport center instructors actively participate in all major sport events.
In order to subscribe to a sport section a student should provide a special medical receipt received at the VolSU hostel.

“Proryv” (“Breakthrough”) Volunteer Center
Room 2-20A
On the 14th of May 2011 the “Proryv” Volunteer Center was solemnly opened in VolSU. Those who passed the Administrative Activity and Accreditation training course and a competitive selection by the Sochi-2014 Organizing Committee will take part in organizing and holding the XXII Winter Olympic Games and the XI Paralympics in Sochi as well other sport events of the world importance.
The main goal of the Volunteer Center activity is the development and promotion of the volunteer movement in Volgograd Oblast.
The integral part of the “Proryv” activity is holding social and charity events which also include volunteer promotion events.
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