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1. How can I apply for a study course at VolSU?

To apply for a study course you should send your completed application form in English and a copy of the first page of your passport to oms@volsu.ru. You'll find Application Form in Apply Online.

2. How can I obtain a Russian visa?

After you apply for one of our educational programmes and we approve your application, you will get an official invitation. You need it to apply for a visa at the Russian Embassy. As a rule, obtaining a Russian visa takes about 2 weeks. The cost of visa depends on its type.

3. Do I need a registration upon arrival in Russia?

On your arrival in Volgograd you must get registered at the Migration Service of Russia. The VolSU division in charge for registration is International Office. You must come to the International Office (with your passport, visa and 2 photos) within 48 hours after arrival.

4. Will anyone pick me up at the airport/station?

We pick our students up at the airport/station, but you should inform us about the flight/ train details beforehand.

5. Do I need to carry my documents (passport, visa) with me all the time?

We recommend you to carry your documents with you because you will often need them: to change money, to buy plane or train tickets, etc.

6. Do I need to have medical insurance?

Yes, you need to have insurance valid throughout your stay in Russia. If you don’t have it, you can buy it in Volgograd. The cost of insurance depends on the period of your stay in Russia. International Office helps students to acquire insurance in Volgograd.

7. Who can help me in case of any problems?

You can call the specialists of International Office. On arrival you will be given a list of phone numbers which you can use when a problem occurs.

8. What should I do if I fall ill?

First of all, you should get in touch with the International Office and the specialists will tell you where you can get medical aid. You should remember that you’ll get free medical aid, if only you have insurance, otherwise you will have to pay the cost of medical treatment on your own.

9. Will I have an opportunity to do sports?
Yes, you will, if you have medical certificate which gives the right to do sports in Russia. In our university there are several gyms and also we have many different sports groups (table tennis, darts, basketball, aerobics, etc.). There is also a modern sport centre not far from the university.
10. Do I need to undergo a medical examination for living in the dormitory?

Yes, you do. Before arrival in Russia you are required to be examined to confirm your physical/mental health in the country of your residence, and provide a medical certification in English or Russian to the International Office. This document shall include the following:

  • Complete blood count (CBC)
  • Chest X-ray
  • Doctor’s conclusion (that student is healthy and is allowed to live in the dormitory)

This certificate also gives students access to the gyms in the dormitory and university.

11. What is the weather like in Volgograd?
Although Volgograd is situated in the south of Russia, in winter it’s rather cold here. You have to take into account that in winter strong piercing wind often blows.
·         Summer (June, July, August): the warmest season, temperature + 25 -35 C
·         Autumn (September, October, November): September, October +15 -25C; November: +5 -15C, it sometimes rains
·         Winter (December, January, February): December +5 -5 C; January -10, 0 C; February -10 -25C it’s the coldest month of the year.
·          Spring (March, April, May): March -5 +5 C; April 0 -10 C; May +10 -20 C
12. How can I pay for my study?

You can pay by cash upon arrival in Volgograd or by bank transfer.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

e-mail: oms@volsu.ru or tel.: (8442) 46-02-91      

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