Volgograd State University
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Registration for the VolSU Scientific Session has opened

Registration for the traditional annual Scientific Session of Volgograd State University has been opened since March 15.

Within the framework of the Scientific Session, a contest for original fundamental and applied research will be held in the following scientific areas:

I. Historical sciences and archaeology;

II. Political sciences and regional studies;

III. Law and jurisprudence;

IV. Philosophy;

V. Sociology and social technologies;

VI. Philology and journalism;

VII. Linguistics and intercultural communication;

VIII. Economics and management;

IX. Information technology and programming;

X. Mathematical modeling and geometric analysis;

XI. Physical sciences;

XII. Natural sciences;

XIII. Priority technologies;

XIV. Service and tourism;

XV. Psychology and pedagogy.

Undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students, young professors and staff of VolSU (up to 35 years old) can take part in the Scientific Session, as well as students of the university college and schools. Each participant or a team of participants (no more than three people) can submit only one work.

Applications can be submitted until April 4 on the website. For more information please view the attached file (in Russian).

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